Trilha sonora da fossa

Não gosto de ficar na fossa e a minha costuma ter tempo pré-determinado de duração. Mas confesso que, quando fico wannabe de deprimida, aproveito para refletir bastante e também escrever – momentos de tristeza são extremamente criativos. E, como tudo na minha vida tem trilha sonora, com o período de fossa não é diferente. A seguir, meu kit de sobrevivência musical  para os dias em preto e branco:

10. Only When I Sleep, The Corrs

But it’s only when I sleep, see you in my dreams…

9. Quicksand – Britney Spears

‘Cause the ground is breaking, I can feel it shaking, wish it was that easy, but it’s not that easy. Gotta hold my hands up, gotta keep my head up
gotta keep on breathing, baby even if we’re sinking…

8. Keep holding on – Avril Lavigne

Keep holding on, ’cause you know we’ll make it through. Just stay strong, ’cause you know I’m here for you.

7. Where have you been? – Reel Big Fish

You say you love me, love me again. So, if you love me, where have you been?

6. Even angels fall – Jessica Riddle

She made it easy, made it free, made you hurt till you couldn’t see. Sometimes it stops, sometimes it flows, but baby that is how love goes.

5. For what it’s worth? – The Cardigans

For what it’s worth? I like you. And what is worse, I really do. Things have been worse and we had fun fun fun ’til I said I love you. And what is worse, I really do!

4. This is a low – Blur

This is a low, but it won’t hurt you. When you are alone, it will be there with you finding ways to stay solo.
3. All I want – The Cure

And all I want is to be with you again. And all I want is to hold you like a dog.

2. Nothing in my way – Keane

It’s just another day, nothing in my way, I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna stay, so there’s nothing left to say. So why’d you lie? When when you wanna die, when you hurt inside, don’t know what you lie for anyway? Now there’s nothing left to say.

1. Heavily Broken – The Veronicas

Almost giving up on trying. Almost heading for a fall. And now I’m screaming and I’ve gotta keep on fighting. But, then again, it doesn’t end.

Espero que ninguém esteja na fossa, mas, se por acaso estiver, estão aí minhas indicações!



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2 responses to “Trilha sonora da fossa

  1. uiHAuhaui
    Sorte minha que não estou na fossa, com uma trilha sonora dessas, acho que seria impossível sair da deprê! kkkk
    Adorei as músicas! Gosto especialmente de Even angels fall e Keep holding on.


  2. Só conhecia a música da Avril o.O
    Não estou num momento depre, mas vou ouvir as outras músicas pra conhecer.

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